The name Star Tree is taken from Rhonda’s book, The Kepler Chronicles, a  fantasy adventure in the tradition of C.S. Lewis and the Chronicles of Narnia.  In the story, a group of unlikely people come together and discover the truth about the old idea of a music of the spheres, facing adventures that intertwine imagination, philosophy and theology.

Silas and I have these sorts of adventures together, being rather imaginative and philosophical sorts.  I suppose we started this blog hoping to expand our expedition to include a few more people.  You, perhaps.  Since then, it seems to have panned out that this is just my blog, and Silas has started his own, which is more entirely philosophical and theological.  (I lean more toward the imaginative.)  But I still think of this as our blog.  Because it is about us.  It’s about our life together.  You can find Silas’s blog at http://www.silaslangley.wordpress.com


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