15 drops

I almost gave up between this post and the last one. Gave up on what, you ask? Well, I almost gave up on writing any more blog posts, for starters. But that was just a symptom of almost giving up on putting a positive spin on things. Maybe things would just be allowed to stop being spun and sit in resounding silence in all their bare and depressing not-so-greatness.

Maybe I should sink into the role of the frazzled, increasingly older looking mother and wife trying to hold the family together. End of story.

I’m not saying I’m officially not giving up, but I might as well at least attempt another blog. I did feel a little bit tempted to post a picture of our new dog, Willow.



Well, how can one give up when her little black nose is so cute, even if she has a bit of a barking problem.

And it did rain a few beautiful drops from some wonderful clouds, and the air is so cool and refreshing.



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