August already. A few things distracted me from writing over the last months. There was the whole packing, lugging and unpacking of our possessions. Then Jasmine and I were attacked by pit bulls during our morning walk and she didn’t make it. So there’s been grief and post traumatic stress to deal with. And Joseph has started high school. And Silas started a new job. Basically, not an easy summer.

We miss Jasmine. Joseph and I miss Jasmine at bedtime, when she would curl up and lick her paws peacefully while I read out loud from fantasy novels. Now we have a small tin canister of her ashes, and some pictures, and the chewy toy she liked to hide in Joseph’s blankets. But we don’t have her cheerful presence. And I have a fear of pit bulls.

But sinking down in those thoughts is not an option. Forward we go. Waiting for rain now. Waiting for the coolness of autumn. Getting to know our new neighbors. Hoping for the next things.


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