As I drove home from work yesterday the public radio station that I was listening to was doing a report about preppers, in this case people who buy secluded million dollar estates in Montana complete with gun lockers and food supplies and all.

Huh, I thought to myself. Who wants to survive a disaster if the only people left afterwards are rich folks who hid out in million dollar estates in Montana while everyone else suffered and died?

There should be a counter movement of preppers, and the check list would simply be :

Are you prepared to die, prepared to share your last bottle of water with the old lady next door? If not, sort out your priorities.

Anyway, its early morning right now and I’m typing this one letter at a time on a tablet. There doesn’t seem to be any other way I’ll get to write anything. It’s been a month that I’m glad to see the end of. Silas’s job search continues, Julia’s anxiety disorder has taken a turn for the worse, etc.

May might be better. It will include Julia’s graduation from high school, our anniversary, Joseph’s birthday, not to mention his classroom production of Macbeth, The Musical which I’m helping with (it’s a comedy, sure to be a comedy of errors).

Or maybe we’ll die in a disaster. Hopefully before that 8th grade performance of Macbeth, The Musical.


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