Spring Forward

So we moved our clocks ahead.  We sprang forward, as they say.  Another jumping metaphor.  And certainly I’m feeling jumpy these days.  I’m almost embarrassed at how unpredictable the Langleys seem to be.

We might, for instance, move back to Portland, if Silas got a job there.  He’s applying to every job he can find because he’d really like to move back to Portland.

Or we might not.  Silas might not get a job there.  In fact, it doesn’t seem like an easy thing to do, so far.

We might move to the North side of Fresno.  Silas’s current job is there, and Joseph is planning to attend high school on that side of town (if we don’t move to Portland).  And my parents moved to the North side of town.  So why stay here? We’ll just be driving two cars up and down the length of 41 every day in heavy traffic.

Or we might just stay here, I suppose. I did buy a weed wacker recently, and discovered that a weed wacker is a really good thing.  It really wacks those weeds. If only it could wack everything else that’s out-of-wack with everything.  Staying here would be the default plan.

Meanwhile, Julia sprang forward a bit. One day this week she said she was bored and asked if I could drive her to my parents house. It was five minutes before I planned to leave to go teach my next lessons, so I couldn’t drive her there. “You could take the bus,” I said. “Okay,” she said.

Now, Julia has never gone solo in the world, anywhere. Not even for a walk around the block with the dog. She’s usually afraid someone is going to kill her with a chainsaw. But I was careful not to exclaim “You’d really take the bus?! Oh my goodness! You’re not afraid someone is going to kill you with a chainsaw?!”

No, I just said, “Okay, let’s check the bus schedule.” And five minutes later we were at the bus stop, and I watched her get in and sit down and wave at me from the window.

I’ll hold on to that as we spring forward into whatever is going to happen next.


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