Last time I wrote it seems I got a bit flowery.  (Double meaning, you know.  I wrote about flowers, and I got a little metaphorically flowery.  Now I’m explaining too much.  Oh well).

So this time I should just stick to some facts.  The Langleys are about to experience some significant changes.  Silas got a job, and starting next week, he’ll be working full time.  Also, we’re going to have to buy a second car.  Next week.  That’s a bit scary for us.  We don’t generally buy cars.  It’s not on our usual agenda.  And we’ll have to figure out some new health insurance, and notify the car insurance, and well, all of that.

And what is this new job, you ask?  It has something to do with computers and web development.  It feels odd for me, not really knowing what Silas is doing. But there you have it.  I don’t really know what he’s doing.  Computer stuff.  You’ll have to ask him.

As for the second car, Silas would prefer riding his bike, but it’s too far.  We’ve made it 20 some years with only one car, and seven of those years with no car.  But now we’ll have two.  Oh well.  You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.  We’re thinking of getting an electric car.  That would be interesting, plugging it in and all.

Meanwhile, we’ve planted our garden, and the snails have feasted, and the flowers have grown . . .


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