It’s been a year and a half since I ordered a cheap cello on-line and it arrived on our porch in a big cardboard box.  I love playing the cello.  I’ve loved it since the moment I unpacked that box.  I think, if there are soul-mates, there might also be instruments that best fit our souls, and cello is mine.  Cello is currently my open window through which fresh, life-giving breezes blow into the somewhat heavy and difficult air of my life.

One of the other teachers at the music store brought a book of cello-piano duets and asked if I’d like to do one together at the next recital.  I said sure.  But as it turns out, the duet we’re going to play is so beautiful that I’ve been practicing it happily every spare moment.  Hey, maybe I can figure out how to put a link to it right here.

What do you know.  I think I did it.  That’s not me playing of course.  I’m not that good.  But I am getting better.  I hope.  Don’t we all hope, that as we go through our days we get a little better, a little more in-tune, a little closer to the perfection of beauty that we sometimes glimpse.


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