Let it Go

The June bug left, appropriately, by the first of July.  Things have been a bit busy since then.  Silas had his interview, and it went very well.  He’s going to be doing some contracted web development work for Bitwise Industries.  I’ve  been teaching a beginning guitar summer camp this week.  Among other things.  Tonight we have a little summer camp concert, where we will be playing Let It Go.  Everyone wants to play Let It Go these days.  All the piano students.  Everyone.  Driving home from Santa Cruz, Joseph was feeling a bit queasy and one of us started singing Let It Go.  Not exactly what the song is referring to.  But it made us laugh.  Thankfully he didn’t let it go.

I had to remind myself to let it go during our visit to Santa Cruz, where Peter had several episodes of dark behavior that required me to leave the family gathering with him so that he could just be alone and away from all of the hubub.  But thankfully a new medication that Peter is taking seems to have helped him regulate his sleeping.  He hasn’t been up all night for more than a week, and that helps me sleep better too.

And now the next big thing on our horizon is a trip to Oregon August 6-11, to visit our friends there.  How nice, you say.  A family trip to Oregon.  It’s cool there.  And you get to see old friends.  How pleasant.

Maybe.  Why is my stomach tied in knots just thinking about it?  Oh, that would be because of the not so pleasant things, the Aspergers, the fibromyalgia, the bipolar tendencies in both children, the dog, who is coming with us, the small car with the four people in it for 11 hours straight . . .

So I’ve decided that there are two things that will help me (and my family) survive this trip to Oregon.  First, chocolate.  I will eat chocolate frequently.  Second, I’m going to document the experience, write about it and take pictures.  It gives me a feeling of outlet.  If things go bad, well, Joseph’s favorite youtubers, Rhett and Link, have a contest where you can win $10,000 for the best story about a vacation gone wrong . . .


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