June Bug

For the last two days there has been a large June bug sitting on the screen of the back door window.  That’s very appropriate.  It’s June.  I pointed out the bug to Joseph, because I’m not sure he knew about June bugs.  They don’t have them in Oregon, I think.  Joseph looked at it and then went back to playing Minecraft on the lap top.

I’m not sure why the June bug is staying there.  I’d like to think it’s a magical guardian sent to our house to oversee the reversal of our fortunes, a good-luck June bug.  But probably it’s dying or something.  I don’t really know about the ways and habits of June bugs, but it certainly isn’t getting out and about a lot, unless it’s doing it at night.  Maybe it is.

Although its arrival did correspond suspiciously with the arrival of an e-mail for Silas with the word “interview” in it.  Interview is a wonderful word, second only to job offer.  Perhaps it really is a good-luck June bug.

There have been no more broken windows since I wrote last.  The absence of broken windows is a good thing.  Peter started a new medication.  Perhaps it’s helping.  Now we continue the search for some meaning for Peter’s life.  He needs something to give him a sense of purpose and needed-ness, something to engage him in the world around us.  It isn’t easy, since he isn’t really willing to try anything.

I think I’ll introduce him to the June bug, if it’s still there when he wakes up today.  Maybe if he rubs its back a few times . . .

(Okay, I don’t really believe in luck-bugs.  Really.  I have orthodox Christian beliefs.  But I’m sure God likes a sense of humor.  Maybe the bug is an angel in disguise . . .)


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