A Year Ago

I’ve been hesitating to write, as the anniversary of our move to Fresno approaches.  I’m hesitating right now.  In fact, I just deleted several paragraphs.  I suppose that the two halmarks of my writing style are usually openness and humor, and I’m not finding either of those sufficient at the moment.

So you’ll have to inquire personally if you want the open and somewhat humorless account of how the Langley family feels on the eve of the anniversary of their move.

And in the meantime, I’ll fall back on my other writing tendency: observation and description.  Today is Peter’s birthday.  He’s 16.  He’s in a fairly equitable mood this morning, and when last I checked, had placed a black hole in the Minecraft world on his computer, and was chuckling as he watched little square Minecraft sheep and pigs get sucked into it.  It was rather funny.  Peter actually loves animals, and would never hurt a kitten.  But those Minecraft animals are so squarish and mindless and make such funny little sounds, and anyway, there’s an infinite amount of them.  Perhaps they even enjoy getting sucked through the virtual black hole and then reappearing somewhere else.

Peter and I met one of our neighbors on Monday and took a walk with her and her four dogs.  We had Jasmine along.  All the dogs wagged their tails frantically at each other and smelled all of each other’s front and back ends.  Our neighbor got a bit tangled up in all of the leashes.  And then about four stray dogs joined our group, so that we were just a sort of pack of dogs walking down the sidewalk.  Peter chuckled at that.  I love to hear him laugh, or chuckle, or even break a smile.

The world just needs more dogs, perhaps, and less of a lot of other things.  More dogs, more ladybug colonies in our garden, more neighbors taking walks together, more laughter . . .

and fewer black holes sucking up our joy, since our joy is not infinite, and does not reappear somewhere else on the screen.


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