Well, we did it!  The recital went pretty well.  Joseph played.  Everyone did okay, minus a few mistakes.  And though I couldn’t figure out how to attach it to this blog, you could go to then click on music video clips: Rhonda and her students, and you could see Joseph and I playing our recorder duet.

So, now it’s Monday.  Supposed to be 100 degrees, I think.  Summer coming.  Silas had planted some little lettuces in the garden, but they’ve just kind of disappeared.  Either some snails got them, or they took one look at the sun and just decided to get it over with and die right away.  At least the tomatoes and basil don’t seem to mind.  Brave plants.  They just soak up the sun and never seem to have too much of it.

Joseph turns 12 on Wednesday.  Peter will be 16 just a week and a half after that.  I am now the mother of young men, beings as tall as me (in Peter’s case).  It’s all very strange.

And I can’t seem to focus my thoughts.  Maybe it’s the sun.  But I will be brave, like the basil, and keep on going.


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