Easter Peas

We don’t have Easter lilies, but the peas have begun to flower.  They may not be as impressive as lilies, but they are at least exuberant in an over-flowing, natural kind of way.  I think they suit me better anyway.

We’ll be in Santa Cruz for Easter, spending time with Silas’s family and enjoying the exuberance of the ocean.  I hope, as we stand by the waves, that all thoughts about ourselves will blow away in the salty breeze.  Especially Peter’s thoughts about himself.  May all of those blow far away and never come back.  I suppose a person needs to think about himself to some degree.  But it’s much better to think about other things.  Peas, oceans, family, Easter . . . chocolate chip cookies.  And just a dash of self-reflection.

Okay, maybe a hefty dash of self-reflection.  But the important thing is that you don’t want to get stuck in self-reflection.  Because one’s thoughts tend to get tangled up then, and begin to overheat and smolder and smoke. And it’s not good.

Maybe every minute of self-reflection should be ended with an idea for action.  So then when you’re done reflecting, you go out and do those things that you thought of.

And if you get stuck, as Peter is, so that you can’t take any actions at all, then everyone who loves you has to step in and pull or push or whatever they can do, to try to help you out of it.  Thankfully for Peter, he has many people who love him.


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