March 31

Another month is ending.  People talk about living month to month, but they usually mean just scraping by financially.  In our case, we’re just scraping by in other ways.  And so it’s a relief to come to the end of the month with nothing definitively tragic having happened.  It was a close call.  I suppose the day isn’t over yet, though.

But it’s a beautiful day.  Various things that we didn’t plant are blooming all over our yard, yellow roses, purple iris, peace roses, red roses, things I don’t even know the name for. (There’s a small tree, for instance, with blue clusters of flowers all over it.  Never seen one like it before!).

And April will include potentially nice things, such as the MCC sale, a spring break trip to Santa Cruz, Easter . . .

For now, however, it’s time for me to go meet Peter’s teacher and explain that he refused to come for his weekly meeting with her, again.  School is not working for Peter.  And it’s hard to force him to answer multiple choice questions about the reproductive processes of ferns when he is struggling with the fact that he wishes he didn’t exist.

The pea plants are lush and leafy, maybe a foot high already.  They seem to grow over night, or every time you turn around.  They, at least, seem quite comfortable with existing.


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