The Big Trees

Yesterday we drove up to Sequoia and visited the big trees.  The boys have been there before, but they were small.  And when the biggest living things on the planet happen to be just an hour’s drive away, it’s a shame not to go see them now and then.  Even as an adult, having been there many times, it’s good to go again.  You can’t really remember the vast, silent beauty of those trees.  You have to be standing there breathing in the air and looking up into the brilliant blue sky where the tops of those trees disappear.

The sky really was very brilliantly blue.  One notices that all the more when the sky in the valley is a pale, smoggy white.  What have we done to our valley?  I’m thinking from the perspective of the trees, now, which have been standing up there looking down over the valley for a few thousand years.  We’ve kind of messed it up, recently, in the last couple hundred years.  Perhaps, in the coming hundred years or so, we’ll manage to clean it up.  Which is all very fine for the giant sequoias.  Not so great for us.


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