If I were a primitive human from the distant past, I’d probably be thinking that our move to Fresno had angered some local gods.  First there was the stretch of days above 110 that started, coincidentally, the day after we arrived.  Then the stretch of unusually cold weather, dipping below freezing way more than usual.  And there is no rain.  The sky above Fresno is a smoggy haze and the trees look tired and pinched.  We seem to be heading for record breaking drought conditions.

Luckily I don’t believe in local gods and my modern mind accepts the whims of weather systems as random and impersonal.  I’m not even noticing the weather.  And the fact that I have the urge now to buy a large pot of daisies and put it on the porch has nothing to do with wanting to defy the powers that seem to be squeezing Fresno in a death grip of extremes.  No, it’s just a random desire to buy daisies.

But I’m envisioning a really big pot.  Maybe one of those fancy ones that look like an urn from an Italian villa, though they’re really just made of plastic.  And that large pot of daisies will announce to all passersby  that the inhabitants of this house, at least, have not given up.  Because they might think that we’ve given up, after looking at our lawn, which is an eye sore.  I guess we’ll send mixed messages.  The inhabitants of this house, while not up to caring for their lawn, are at least making a feeble gesture of defiance by rallying their energies, going to Home Depot, and buying this pot of daisies.

And I will water the daisies.  I might not get around to all the other random plants that really need the rain, but by golly, I’ll water the pot of daisies.  My life right now seems to be a lesson in maintaining inner peace despite more things needing my care than I am able to care for.  I will care for my family, as best I can, and the dog, and the pot of daisies.  And occasionally other things.  I cleaned the bath tub this morning.  It was amazingly okay, considering that’s the first time I cleaned it since we moved in.


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