The new year is a time for fresh starts, purging the old, nurturing the new.  So we’re headed in the right direction.  We all have the stomach flu.  Silas purged the old rather dramatically yesterday at the side of 152 as we were driving home from Santa Cruz.  Peter threw up later in the drive.  Silas almost made it to the sink before purging some more after we got home.  Even the dog threw up.  Can dogs get human sicknesses?

So we’ve purged the old.  I think I’ll take the Christmas tree out later today, if I’m not as dizzy as I am right now.  And it’s time to start thinking about nurturing the new.  I have a deep desire to fill our yard with flowers, lots of flowers, in defiance of everything.  Poppies, wild flowers, wild roses . . . I have visions of our whole yard engulfed in flowers, so that passersby would stop and marvel.

That won’t happen, of course.  But our visions can point us in the right direction.  I can plant some flowers.  There are always little things that we can do.  And its the doing of the little things that’s important.  I think that’s the secret.  Maybe in the whole huge scope of everything, the little things that we do actually bloom in some mysterious way and become the wonderful things that we envision.  Hm.  That didn’t make a whole lot of sense, but I’m dizzy, after all.

The Langley family enters this new year with some apprehension.  It’s not the best of times for us.  But we shall see.  I have a fierce hope for all of us, that we will burn through the uncertainty and anxiety of our lives and find the beautiful center.


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