I’ve been practicing piano for hours the last few days.  One of my random means of earning money right now is as accompanist for an elementary school choir.  The thing is, I’m not that good, especially at sight reading piano music.  Thus the hours of practicing so that I won’t make a fool of myself tomorrow evening when the choir has its winter program.  They’re singing a medley of Nutcracker melodies all with variations of the words from Jingle Bells.  It’s very cute and all.  And the parents will laugh and think it’s sweet (unless I mess up horribly).  And no one will know how many hours I spent trying to learn how to play it.  Oh well.

We’re all nuts here at our house anyway.  So maybe the hours of Nutcracker music in the background is appropriate.  Maybe things will feel a bit better soon, after Silas finishes the two classes he’s been teaching and I get past the Winter Program of Doom tomorrow, and Peter and Joseph have a break from school.  Then we’ll just sail into the new year.

The new year.  2014.  Once again, the Langleys face a rather blank slate.  What will happen?  Will we find income?  Will Silas become a web developer?  Will I find more music students?  Will Peter make it through his sophomore year?  Will we take a trip to Scotland and stroll through the ancestral lands of the MacGregor clan? (No, on that last one.  At least we have some certainty for the new year).

One day at a time.  I think I’ll go practice piano.


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