Today we woke up to a wet and cloudy world.  It feels like someone changed the stage scenery overnight.  My first thought is, good–I can stop watering the backyard with that hose and sprinkler head.  And my second thought is, now everything feels more wintery and cozy and indoorzy.  And my third thought is, what do you do with a dog during the rainy season?  Am I supposed to take her out and hold an umbrella over her while she pees?  And then her feet will be all muddy.  Sigh.

And that’s about all the thoughts that I have.  I think the sudden drop in barometric pressure just kind of put me in low gear.  I’d like to join our dog, and just curl up on something soft and tuck my nose under my tail.  And stay there until there’s some good reason to move.  Right now the dog is staring at me very intently and I’m not sure why.  She has that expectant look.  There’s something she wants from me.  If only she could talk.

This weekend all my mom’s family will be getting together for my grandpa’s funeral.  He’ll be buried in Reedley, where all of my grandparents and great grandparents are buried, I think.  Then there will be a service at Palm Village, the retirement center where he lived.  The Reedley cemetery is a beautiful place, looking over the Kings River.  My baby brother and sister are buried there too.  

I suppose this is appropriate stuff to be writing about this week, being Halloween and all.  Hallowed Eve, and All Saints Day, a time of remembrance.

Well, I’d better see if the dog needs to go out.  Maybe that’s what she’s trying to tell me.


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