Hm. Repanic?

Is repanic a word?  Probably not.  Maybe it should be.

This week we called 911 for the second and third times since we moved in.  The first time was a few weeks ago when I watched a man stealing the license plate off of the car of our renter, the nice woman who lives in our back yard garage/apartment.  The second time was on Monday as I watched a shady character loiter in our front yard, then make a dash for the neighbor’s fence and jump over it into their back yard.  And the third time was on Tuesday, when our renter’s car was stolen from the curb in front of our house.

Meanwhile, Silas was unable to get a prescription filled with our new lovely health insurance policy, and was going through withdrawals all week.  Joseph continues to tell me each morning that he can’t go to this school all year.  He can’t do it.  He hates it.  He wishes we were in Portland.  And Peter will only do his independent study work if I am personally cajoling him and taking down his answers by dicatation.

Today is Friday the 13th.  But actually, I think it’s going to be a pretty good day.  Silas saw a doctor yesterday, and is on the way to getting the medication situation sorted out.  Our renter was able to borrow a car from a friend, and she seems to be recovered from the shock (except that she sleeps with the lights on in her apartment now.  I can’t say that I blame her).  And after all, it’s unlikely that a whole bunch of bad things would continue to happen, right?  RIGHT?  Maybe we won’t have to call 911 for a few months now.

Yesterday I attended an all-day training that was required for becoming a substitute teacher.  There were piles of paper work and stuff.  I had to chuckle at one thing I read in a section on classroom management.  It said, “Unfortunately, some substitutes are actually afraid of the students.  The students can sense this.”  Yes.  They can probably smell fear.  I better get some very powerful perfume or something.

But we knew this whole moving thing was going to be stressful.  Now we’re just in the middle of that.  Which means we’ll be coming out the other side soon.  The weather will cool down.  The issues will get worked out.  Things will feel less stressful (that’s positive self-talk.  They recommended that for substitutes).


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