My sister-in-laws have all posted lovely pictures and comments about their children’s first week of school.  And I’m happy for them.  My neices and nephews look very cute and happy heading off to their first days of school.  I don’t suppose any of them were sobbing into their pillows about how they hate school, or simply refusing to even get out of bed to do independent study work.  Not that I know any kids that do that.  No, let’s imagine that my household is cute and happy too.

Our dog is cute and happy.  Does that count?

Or maybe it’s okay not to be cute and happy.  Let’s explore that option.  I won’t blame the people who actually are cute and happy.  But for those of us who aren’t, for those of us who feel kind of broken down and at a loss and a wee bit fearful of what the future might bring, isn’t the earth here for us as well, all the beauty and music of life and the sun rise each day?  In fact, aren’t we all probably less cute and happy than we try to appear to others?

In fact, maybe nobody actually is cute or happy? (Well, I think my neices and nephews are.  They’re pretty cute at least).  Maybe brokenness is something that we share, more than we even know probably.  And our main problem is that we don’t just acknowledge it and support each other.

In fact, maybe God made us with a certain brokenness, so that we could fit together, and together be more whole than we are alone.

Hm.  I sat down thinking I was just going to make jokes about the first week of school, and I ended up in deep theological speculation.  You never know what will happen.

And now (at 9:43am) it’s time to try and roll my reluctant home school scholar out of his bed.  And I mean that literally.  And he’ll most likely continue sleeping on the floor.


2 thoughts on “(help)

  1. Sounds similiar to our first day of homeschooling yesterday. But at least our school room is closer to the kids’ bedrooms, so I didn’t have to drag them as far as some people might to school. Cute and happy….not us yesterday or many days. But I wake up each morning, embracing the hope that the day will be cute and happy!

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