The plot thickens

August is here.  Fresno Unified told me thanks for applying, but they didn’t choose me to interview for a substitute position.  And we got a dog.

So let’s start with the dog.  Why, you ask.  WHY would we get a dog?  They cost money.  And they complicate things.  And if there’s anything we don’t need right now, it’s things-that-cost-money and complications.

But Joseph is so happy with the dog, and after all, it’s not his fault that his parents have complications and no money.  And if we wait until we sort things out, the boys will be grown up and they’ll never have had a dog.  And it’s a cute little chihuahua.  And we got her for free.  Granted, I admit that I didn’t realize that you have to pay annually to get a license for a dog, and that they have to get a rabies shot in order to get the license, and well, I had to look up “How to house train a dog” and basically it’s been a steep learning curve this week.  But the boys love the dog.  And the dog loves them.  And I kind of love the dog too, now.

So, then there’s the employment situation.  Seriously, the world must be overpopulated if it’s competitive to even get hired to be in the substitute teacher pool.  I’ve e-mailed them to ask why they didn’t choose my application.  If they aren’t too busy to tell me that.  Maybe I’m missing some NCLB thing or PQRS thing on my teaching credential that I don’t even realize I’m supposed to have.  Or maybe it’s something I didn’t need in Oregon, but you need it in California, and I didn’t know it.  Or maybe they had 100 applicants and only 2 positions.  I don’t know.  To be honest, I don’t really want to be a substitute teacher.  It’s hard to feel too unhappy.  Except for the money thing.  Maybe I’ll become a professional dog walker.

On the plus side, we qualify for all the low income programs.

On the minus side . . .  COULD SOMEONE JUST PLEASE HIRE ONE OF US!  We don’t have any contagious diseases or anything.  Okay, and it’s nice of Fresno Pacific to hire Silas for adjunct teaching.  Very nice of them.  (That last sentence was dripping with sarcasm).  And I realize it’s my own fault that I quit the job I had.  So I can’t really complain.  Well, I can complain.  But maybe I shouldn’t.

Cello lessons, anyone?



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