The last week of July approaches.  The things we’ve done (such as buying/selling houses, packing, moving, unpacking) are done, and the things we’re going to do (such as work, make/remake friends, have routines) haven’t started yet.   We’re just sort of floating along.  That’s the way the end of July often is.  It’s an inbetween kind of time.  There’s not even a lot really to say about it.  The mind kind of relaxes.

So we’ve been going swimming a lot at my parents’ house.  Lots of Marco Polo.  Lots.

Marco Polo, in fact, sort of captures where we are right now.  We’re wading around in our new life here in Fresno calling “Marco!” listening for any responses, and groping forward.  We’re not really sure where we are, or what’s going to happen next.

Tomorrow we’re going to Santa Cruz to visit Silas’s family.  And next week we’re going to visit the school Joseph will be attending, and the schools Peter might be attending (still a decision to make there).  And I’m learning to play “Tis the Gift to be Simple” on the cello.  I like it.

And what does that song mean, anyway?  Have you ever wondered that?  I’ve always imagined it’s praising a simple life, an uncluttered life of faith with few material possessions.  Hm.  And there’s also the line about coming round right in the valley of love and delight.  Maybe that’s Fresno.  Maybe we finally came round right here.  We’ve certainly done plenty of turning over the years.  And yesterday, at least, was delightful, as it dipped below 100 degrees.  Not so delightful in 108 degrees.


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