Well, it might dip down to 99 degrees today.  How cool.  And in the mornings it’s not too bad.  79 degrees, I think, this morning.  Our new house doesn’t have sprinklers in the back yard, so we have to go out and water everything.  On Wednesday, Friday and Sunday between 7pm and 6am.  That’s the rule for even numbered houses in Fresno.  Water is precious here.

And yesterday they almost shut off our water.  It seems, though I pride myself in taking care of details, that I forgot to start our utilities account with the city of Fresno.  Someone came to the door and hung a shocking little sign on the doorknob saying that they would turn our water off at 3pm.  So Silas had to go to City Hall and sort it out.  Oops.

Hopefully that’s the only detail of the move I forgot.  And now that most of those details are taken care of, we’ve started focusing on our future here–you know, little things like income and health insurance.  So I have an application in with Fresno Unifiied to be a substitute teacher, and I’ve begun seriously trying to find music students.  Silas has adjunct classes to teach this fall, but is also considering any other options he might be able to undertake, ones that might include benefits and decent pay.  We’ve applied for some cheap (and therefore mostly useless) health insurance, but they’ll probably turn us down.  Pre-existing conditions.  I guess maybe starting in 2014 they can’t do that, but it isn’t quite 2014 yet.  And with our luck, we’ll end up with three horrible illnesses and some gruesome accident between now and 2014, and we’ll go broke and  . . . oops.  Do you detect a hint of anxiety?  No.  No anxiety here!  Why don’t we all just go play cello.

This is the point where most people would put in some words about fate, or good Karma, or faith (depending on your religious or philosophical beliefs about life, the universe and everthing).  I do have faith, as much as those who talk about it more than I do.  Hey, Job had faith too.  (And his whole family died and he lost everything and got very sick and all that).  So I suppose my faith is more of that Job variety.

So what’s on the list for today?  Go to the DMV, maybe buy Joseph some school uniform shirts that he needs for the fall, devise some sort of curtains for the master bedroom, call a music store where I might teach once a week to get some quick guarenteed students, do a puzzle with Joseph, wait for things to unfold,

and play the cello.


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