Warm Welcome

So, it’s over a 110 degrees all this week.  I guess you could say Fresno is giving us a warm welcome.  Very warm.  As Peter has said several times, “I can’t breath.  How do people breath!  I hate it here!”

We’ve all been emotional basket cases for the last few days, up and down, happy and sad, (hitting our brothers, throwing things, that sort of stuff).  I’ve already unpacked all the boxes, except for the books, which Silas is unpacking and arranging.  My muscels are sore.  My body is exhausted.  And tomorrow my cello should arrive.  I’m very happy about that.  I’ve got three students lined up now, it seems.  Two cello students and a violin student.

Igor, the tortoise, is living outside now.  I don’t know if he likes it or not.  Tortoises aren’t very chatty.  During the heat of the day he hunkers down behind a plant, digs himself halfway into the ground, and just sits there.  Then in the mornings he methodically tries to escape.  That seems to be what tortoises do.  I wonder where it is they want to go?  They seem to be very restless spirits.  They should read the poem by Goethe that roughly translates “Why do you always go seeking?  Look, good things are so near!  Learn to seize joy, because it is always there.”

But who am I to give Igor advice!  We ourselves seems to have been off seeking quite a bit during our twenty years of marriage.  And I suppose Goethe’s poem needs a little qualification.  Maybe it applies most to wealthy aristocratic Germans of several hundred years ago who were caught up in the Romantic movement and suffering from a deep sense of Weltschmerz.  Because sometimes the grass really is greener somewhere else, and it’s perfectly reasonable to leave the patch of dried nettles you might be sitting in to go in search of the greener grass.


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