First words from California!

When you drive across the border into California the inspector usually asks “Do you have any fruit?”  We’ve gotten used to that.  A few times we had some apples with us and had to throw them out.  So this time, after hours of loading the u-haul truck and cleaning our empty house and six hours of driving, we arrived at the border and the inspector said, “What do you have?”

What do you have?  What kind of question is that?  Hm, we might have said, Do you want it in alphabetical order, like everything from apple cider vinegar to yo-yos?  Or was he referring to our medical diagnoses?  We have a lot of those, like fibromyalgia, autism, social anxiety, probably some OCD and ADHD too.  We have plenty of good ideas.  Maybe Silas should have given him a few of his theological or philosophical ideas.  He has plenty of those.  I mean really.  We were a family with a u-haul truck.  What did the inspector expect us to have?  Maybe he was the sphinx in disguise, and it was actually a riddle, a question that we had to answer correctly to enter California or else he’d turn into a huge lion and devour us.

After Silas looked at him tiredly for a moment, the guy rephrased it back to the usual “Do you have any fruit, house plants or live animals?”  And we drove on.  And on and on.  Well, first we spent the night in Yreka.  And aside from the fact that we were all awake at 2:51am when I checked the time on the cell phone (because the hotel clock was broken) and accidentally hit the button that makes the phone say “Please say a command,” to which I said “SHHH” and the phone said “Please try again,” which you don’t really want to be hearing at 2:51am, aside from that the night went okay.

And after the six hour drive from Yreka to Fresno, which took nine hours, and we can’t really figure out why (I think the universe lengthed the distance just to test us.  Maybe we answered that sphinx question wrong or something) we finally drove up to our new house and fell out of the car and truck and kissed the ground.  Well, not really.  We had dinner with my parents and then spent two hours in hard labor unloading everything from apple cider vinegar to yo-yos.

And while unloading, our neighbor, who was helping, mentioned that she’d like her daughter to take cello lessons from me (even though she knows I’ll just be learning myself).  So that’s student number one!  And after I finish digging us out of this mess and putting away everything from apple cider vinegar to yo-yos, and doing the million or things on the list that we need to do, I’ll have to find myself a cello.

Or actually, hey, who cares about the list!  I’m going to see if there are any cellos on Craigslist right now.  There’s no time like the present!


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