Four more days?

When a person is grieving there are some official stages that one apparently goes through:  denial, anger, acceptance . . . I think those are some of them.  But what about moving?  Are there official stages for that?  I think there are.  And I think that I’ve left the WHAT ON EARTH DO YOU THINK YOU’RE DOING? stage, and I’ve entered the stage of philosophical speculation.

This is the stage when you look at the boxes of your possessions, and you think to yourself “We have too much stuff.”  And I don’t mean “we” as in the Langleys, but rather “we” as in all of us here in the U.S. and probably in many other countries.  We shouldn’t think we need all this stuff.  It’s just too much stuff.  Stuff might just well be the root of all evil.

For instance, if we didn’t have so much stuff, we wouldn’t need to work so hard to earn the money that we need to buy the stuff.  And there wouldn’t be as much crime, because there would be less stuff to steal, and less incentive to steal it.  And we wouldn’t need to spend so much time maintaining our stuff and selecting new stuff to buy and polishing our stuff and fixing broken stuff and all of that.  And buying insurance for the stuff.  Which costs money.  Which means we have to work harder.

Unfortunately, the whole world economy is based on the “How Much Stuff Are People Buying Index,” and if people stop buying so much stuff, I guess the whole world will collapse.  And if people start buying more stuff, then the people that study Stuff say that the economy is improving.

Anyway.  All of the Langley stuff fits in a 16 ft. by 7ft. rectangular space, namely the back of a u-haul truck.  At least it better.  Anything that exceeds that will be going to the Salvation Army, and not to California with the Langleys.  And that’s that.


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