I dreamed last night that I was playing a cello.  It was my own.  I’d bought it used.  And in the dream I was showing it to someone and joking that it looked like a big potato, because of all the little dings and scratches on its surface.  The dream was so clear I could even feel the smoothness of the surface of the cello as I ran my hand over it.  And I made a mental note that I needed one of those rubber things that cellists have to keep the cello from sliding on the floor.

So let’s psychoanalyze me, shall we?  What does this whole cello thing represent in my subconscious, hm?  Any ideas?

Well, we could go about it backwards.  We’re about to move.  Less than three weeks and everything is going to change.  I’m about to leave my teaching profession.  We’re about to move into a new house.  We’re worried about the future, a bit.  And excited.  You’d think my subconscious would be working on all that.  My conscious certainly is (is that the opposite of subconscious?).

So perhaps the cello represents my hopes for the future, my desire to reinvent myself, to embrace my own destiny and take the risk to follow my dreams.  The cello would be something new for me, after all.  Something different.  Something connected with the world of music and not the world of elementary school teaching.

Or maybe I dreamed about a cello because I want to learn to play the cello.  Period.  Sometimes a cello is just a cello.

It was a nice dream, anyway.  I’m glad I dreamed about that, and not about trying to fit boxes into a rental truck, or getting to our new house and finding it full of mice or something like that.  Play on, subconscious!    Play that cello!


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