Sun (and sons)

February first, and the sun came out.  It felt like Spring.  My daffodil shoots are about 5 inches tall already.  And I was home to enjoy it.  No school for students, staff development day.  But I called in sick.  Yes, I did actually have a cold.  But I could have gone.  I wanted to help Peter with Connections Academy, though.

So I did.  Tried to help.  It’s kind of like bailing water out of a sinking row boat.  Peter sits there saying, “It’s not going to work.  I’m not good at anything.”  I say, “You’re really good at Geometry.”  He says “No, I’m not.”  I say “Then how come you got the highest grade in the class?”  He says “I’m not good at anything.”

Meanwhile Joseph’s friend that he had over got mad and started walking home.  So I had to take him home.

But back to the daffodils.  Back to happiness.  There are two kinds of happiness, really.  There’s the comfortable kind, like when the weather is nice and nothing hard is happening in your life.  That kind is out of our control, and few people probably get to experience it.

But there’s another kind.  The daffodil kind.  It grows silently and slowly even through the worst of weather and the hardest soil.  And it may not be comfortable, but it’s alive and determined and strong.  And that kind of happiness we can all nurture.


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