More Light

Wednesday, when I picked Joseph up from his science club at 6:00pm, there was a subtle hint of daylight still lingering in the Western sky.  It was hardly anything.  Maybe I was just imagining it.  But Between the clouds, through the tree branches, it was less dark.

Suddenly it felt as if a shift had occurred.  As if all of nature had suddenly tipped in my favor.  Take that, darkness!  Ha!  All I have to do is hang on and let time pass, and nature will do the rest, slowly eating away at the darkness until we tumble out in July under the cloudless skies and burning heat of summer (okay, maybe a bit too burning, at that point, but hey!).

Meanwhile, Peter has been at home all week.  We asked his teachers to send his assignments.  We’ve tried to celebrate the little successes of self-motivation.  I made him a list of things to do each day.  He did some of the things on the list.  Not all, but some.  Next week he’ll go to school to take his finals.  That’s the plan.  And after that, we’re all sailing off into the world of on-line education.  We’re not sure the boat will float, and none of us know how to sail.  But here we go anyway.

And another neighbor in our co-housing community has come up as a potential buyer for our home.  They like our location better.  The size is better for them.  Sunday we’ll have them over to look at the inside.  Time to clean again and make our house look pleasant and cheerful and not like the den of chaos and conflict it can, at times, seem to be.

And at school, I’m on a mission to figure out my ballistic student.  Why is she so angry?  What is it all about?  I have teeth marks on my arm from yesterday.  She blew into the room practically roaring and threw the CD player and clock off the shelf before I could stop her.  What’s up with that?  Hm?  Maybe she just doesn’t want to be at school.  Like Peter.  (Like me?)


2 thoughts on “More Light

  1. So glad you are making the move to be closer to your parents. My Dad just passed away Wednesday, and we had all made wonderful memories together.

    1. Lynee, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. I’ve read some of your updates over the last months, and I think you and your family were a beautiful example of affirming love and life in the face of death. Blessings!

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