Still Cold

Yesterday morning when I turned the car on there was a bassoon cadenza underway on the radio.  I apologize to any bassoon players who are reading this, but really, bassoons shouldn’t have cadenzas.  It’s okay when they play in the orchestra, in the background.  But there’s no need to have solos.  The low notes sound exactly as if someone ate too many beans.  I wasn’t, of course, feeling too cheerful, driving to work in the dark, cold Thursday morning.  So actually a bassoon cadenza seemed rather appropriate.

It has, once again, been a difficult week.  We made the decision for Peter to do his second semester through Connections Academy, an on-line public school program.  So during my breaks at work I was frantically figuring out the enrollment process, faxing documents and trying to speed the process along so that Peter can start at the beginning of second semester.  And then on Tuesday we learned of a family tragedy in Silas’s family.  And the people who had looked at our house said they were no longer interested.  Thanks anyway.  And one of my students at school has gone ballistic, hitting people all the time.

So I was feeling sorry for myself, driving to work yesterday.  Yes, I admit it.  I do that.  And suddenly, the bassoon cadenza, in addition to sounding embarrassing, kind of sounded just plain funny.  And once again that little glimmer of humor saved me.  Because after all, when things get hard, you can either curl up in a ball and cry about it, or you can play some low notes on your bassoon, and keep going.


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