Happy New Year

The Langleys are back in Portland.  Yes, such as we are, back in our home, such as it is.  Yesterday Peter said, out of the blue, while we were relaxing together and watching a Harry Potter DVD, “School.  Six more months.”  And that really about sums it up.

Will we make it?  Will the Langley family make it through the next six months?  That is the question.  Will Peter continue going to school?  Will he do the work?  Will he pull through, or will we end up on “High School:  Plan B”?  Did I mention that he refused to go to school the last two days before winter break?

Will I make it through January and February?  Will I get through all those IEP meetings?  Yes.  Yes, I will.  But the real question is, will I cry on the way to work every day, alone in the dark car?  It’s a good time to cry, really, as long as you don’t loose control of the vehicle.

Will Joseph put any more holes in any more doors, as the move to Fresno approaches?  How many times will he melt down about it?  How many items will he throw across the room?

What an exciting new year.  They should make a reality t.v. show about us.

And yes, humor once again saves Rhonda Langley from the pit.  And okay, things aren’t that dire.  Probably.  We are pretty sure we will be able to buy the house we want in Fresno, with the co-signing arrangement.  And today, actually, a family is coming to look at our house and at the community.  In fact, I need to stop writing and start cleaning, so that everything looks as lovely as possible.  And I have to practice not falling to my knees and saying “Please!  Please decide to buy our house!”  Because that probably isn’t the right approach.

Yesterday we put a small For Sale sign in front of our house.  It’s just one of the 97 cent ones from Home Depot.  Not the deluxe 16 dollar one.  Because mark my words, Joseph will try to rip it up at some point.  I bet you.  Or at least throw it across the community green or stomp on it.

And okay, that’s probably enough New Year cheer for now.


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