Interesting, how at a time when one would like to reduce possessions we find ourselves buying more.  The boys have been wanting a pet.  They had agreed on wanting a tortoise for Christmas.  Tortoises were 50% off last weekend at Petco (50% off the price, not the tortoise).  And now we have a 20 gallon tank thing in the boys’ room with Igor in it.  An early Christmas present.  I guess we could put a bow on his back and let him crawl around the Christmas tree.

Igor is a quiet fellow, likes dandelion greens, and of course poops.  If only there could be a pet that didn’t do that.  But I guess it’s one of those things on the checklist for living beings–excretion.  And I have to take care of it.  Theoretically the boys would take care of it.  But it comes down to me really.  I was just having a dream this morning before I woke up that I was holding Igor, trying to put him back in his tank.  He slipped awkwardly out of my hand, and somehow his neck got stuck and stretched longer and longer, like a slinky pulled too far.  I do find his neck fascinating, covered in paper-like skin that seems so fragile.

Anyway.  We talked about how Igor would love the climate in Fresno.  We could make him an outdoor pen.  The weather would be perfect for him.  And Joseph listened to this without beating me up.  Maybe he’s coming around.


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