Happy Halloween

Well, happy Halloween!  And I suppose it is actually,  if not happy, then at least calm and uneventful here at the Langley house.  Joseph is out trick or treating with friends, being the mature fifth grader that he is.  Peter is on the couch, reconnected to the internet now that we bought a new power cord and got the laptop functional again.  All is quiet, even the door bell, which might be because there are not a lot of trick or treaters out and about, or because our porch light is off because we forgot to buy any candy to give out.  Ah well.

On the way home from work today, Candy was beside the onramp wearing a witch’s hat and with her face painted.  In fact, I wouldn’t have been sure I recognized her under all the face paint except that her sign was the same:  One coin will help my children and me, struggling to get by.  I wouldn’t have pegged her as somebody who would dress up funny for Halloween.  She seems so quiet and unassuming.  And at the Bethany Ave onramp I caught a glimpse of Kate holding a painting.  I thought maybe she had moved on from the onramp gig, but there she was.

I almost don’t know what to do with myself this evening, without Joseph here.  He tends to engage me in various activities, usually.  I hope we won’t all have a grumpy day tomorrow, it being the day after and all.  The day after staying up late, and eating candy, and having a grand old time dressed up as a Roman soldier (how very pacifist of him!), and of course it will be Thursday.  Who wants to wake up after Halloween and find that it is Thursday?  Probably none of the kids at school either, at my school, or any school.  Okay, so it will probably be a grumpy day.  Who am I fooling.

But it will also be November.  I love the beginning of new months.  A new start.  A fresh page.  An opportunity to take a deep breath and square one’s shoulders and go out to meet the world.


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