The Wall

Our living room clock ran out of batteries.  This happened Sunday afternoon, right after we’d finished all our errands and shopping.  And we didn’t have any type C batteries on hand at home.  So I took the clock down off the wall.  I didn’t want anyone missing the school bus or being late to work because they looked at the time on the clock and forgot that it wasn’t working.

I didn’t realize how often I glance at that clock until now.  Now when I glance at it, I see the empty wall, which doesn’t tell me what time it is, of course.  It tells me that I still haven’t swept away that cobweb near the ceiling.

I just did it again!  I looked at the wall, to see if it was time to start making breakfast yet.  Man, that’s one strong habit!  I’m clearly way too clock dependent.  Even when there’s a little clock right here on the computer that I could have looked at.

These are days that are very clock dependent, I suppose.  Whether or not I like it (I don’t, really) I am in charge of keeping everyone on time.  And the wall clock is usually my source.

So I guess I’m missing it.  Maybe in the absence of the clock the wall can tell me other things, like whether we should move to Fresno or not, where we’ll be living in a year, and how it will go teaching music students.


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