Simply Moving On

Friday, October 5, 10:30am.  I’m at home.  Oh the delicious wonder of it!  My school is closed today, since we had parent teacher conferences all day yesterday.  Joseph and Peter are at school.  I’m sure I will miss the glory and exquisiteness of a day off like this, when I’m not teaching anymore.  A day off in the middle of a long grind of hard work is a pleasure that doesn’t come without the long grind of hard work.

And what were my plans for this glorious day, you ask?  What does Rhonda Langley do with a day off?  Do I get my hair done, like some of the other teachers I overheard discussing their plans?  No.  No, I do not go and get my hair done.  There’s nothing wrong with getting your hair done, of course.  But I do my own hair.  Because I’m weird.

My first plan for the day was to publish The Year of 42.   I’d been formatting it and editing it all along.  I just needed to tweak the ending a slight bit, and then upload the whole document and finalize the cover design. I was hoping to include an account of my meeting with Kate, but unfortunately, Kate and I seem to have gone to different Starbucks yesterday.   Her e-mail later said “Did I go to the wrong Starbucks?”  I felt bad, as if I should have realized that Starbucks can be that way, sometimes located within sight of each other.  So Kate and I will try again, this time at a less confusable destination.  But it won’t be in the book.

I finished the book before I woke the boys up for school. Maybe you wonder how it goes, self-publishing a book.  So here’s the summary.  Sitting at our kitchen table, in the quiet of early morning, after uploading my documents, the self-publishing website told me “Congratulations!  You have published The Year of 42.”  And then it asked me if I would like to buy a copy.  And I did.  And there you have it.  Now I will turn it over to my marketing department.  That’s me, of course.  I should probably fire myself, because I’m no good at marketing.  I probably never should have hired myself.  Of course, first my layout and design department,(me again) will have to look over that first copy and make sure I didn’t make any weird formatting mistakes.

Silas and I are about to go out for lunch.  We haven’t gone out together for lunch or anything else since . . . well . . . June, I guess, when we were in Fresno.  It should be pleasant.

And after that, I’d like to find a guitar and learn how to play it.  I’ve developed an uncontrollable urge to learn how to play the guitar, and to play it at school with my students.  Next week, if possible.  Why wait?  It seems as if playing the guitar would bring the future to me faster, or bridge the gap somehow between my present school and my future music teaching.   Surely someone in my vicinity has a guitar they would love to loan me.  We’ll see.  I’ve tried playing guitars before, when they came across my path, so I know that I can learn a few chords pretty easily, enough to play some children’s songs.

And I might take a nap.  Imagine that.


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