School starts tomorrow.  This brings up a few questions.  Why do we live the way that we do?  We did we organize our society in such a way that most of us spend most of our days doing work that is not directly related to feeding, clothing and sheltering ourselves and our families?  How do we maintain meaning in our lives when they are so segmented?  And also, where can I buy a clip board for Joseph, because it was on his school supply list and they didn’t have any at Fred Meyer’s?

I am a teacher.  Beginning tomorrow, I will be spending more hours each day with other people’s children than with my own.  I like teaching.  I think it’s a meaningful job and I like the feeling that I’m making a difference and helping others.  But still, I’d rather be at home with my own children, teaching them and working in the garden and writing.  I wonder how many adults would rather be somewhere else than at their jobs.  It’s an interesting question.  Perhaps one worthy of a bit of our communal attention.


2 thoughts on “School

  1. Love your thoughts. I asked myself those very same questions in the beginning…now I wouldn’t be anywhere else than with my 4 children at home, homeschooling them! Since I recently graduated my oldest from homeschool, and now he’s off at a wonderful Christian college, I can honestly say that the past 13 years of homeschooling have been the most rewarding of my life and (I pray) my children’s. I am truly blessed! What keeps you from homeschooling, since your desire is to be at home?

    1. Unfortunately, what keeps me from home schooling is that I am the sole provider for our family, since Silas has fibromyalgia and is unable to work except for some adjunct teaching. Thankfully Joseph and Peter came home happy today, and really loved their first days of school. One has to live the life that one is given and make it into something beautiful even if it isn’t the way you would have chosen to have things!

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