The Trip Back East- July 26

Today, after wandering around the monuments a bit, we will head toward North Carolina into the distant past of our lives together.  I think Durham will always have a special place in my memory because we arrived there in 1993 with so many dreams.  Life has turned out differently than we expected, but somehow that doesn’t dampen my enthusiasm for the memory.  The best dreams are not really about envisioning the future.  They’re about enriching the present.  We were rich with dreams back then, and I’m glad we were.

We plan to stop at Jamestown on the way and give the boys a taste of colonial history.  In Durham we mostly want to walk around Duke University, especially Duke Gardens.  Let’s hope it’s not too hot.  But the highlight will be meeting Sam Hammond at Duke Chapel and going up the bell tower with him to watch him play the carrillon.  To be honest, that’s what I’ve been looking forward to the most of this whole trip.  I loved playing those bells.  That tower was my own little sanctuary.  I’m so glad that Mr. Hammond was still there.  I think the boys will like going up into the tower too. 

I probably won’t have access to a computer until we get home.  I guess if I were a seasoned blogger I never would have left home without a laptop.  I’m not a seasoned blogger, so the three people reading this (hi guys!) will just have to wait until Sunday.


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