The Trip Back East- July 25

Well, I’ve had technical difficulties for the last few days; namely, lack of technology.  We didn’t bring a computer with us, so I’m dependant on computers that happen to be available, and Peggy’s computer hasn’t happened to be available very much.  Peter likes to use it while relaxing, and Silas uses it to check info for our trip.  So I’m squeezing in a moment right now.

When I close my eyes I see crowds of people.  We’ve been visiting all of the museums, wading through so many people from all over the world.  At the Air and Space Museum we sat next to a family speaking German while we ate our lunch.  At least I think they were speaking German.  It was hard to hear in the mob of people all around us.  I’ve heard oriental languages, and Spanish, Slavic and Middle Eastern.  Everything.  It seems like the whole world has descended upon Washington D.C. to mill around together in the museums. 

The heat has continued.  Today it isn’t supposed to be quite as hot.  We’re going to the National Geographic Museum and to see the White House.

It’s hard to think with two boys looking over my shoulder telling me I’m taking too long.  Ah, the joys of parenthood!


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