The Trip Back East- July 22

Our trip is half over and we find ourselves in a record breaking heat wave.  The temperature today in Baltimore was 104 with a heat index of 115 or something like that.  There was talk of possible power outages.  As long as the power stays on we’re finding the whole heat wave rather chilly (we didn’t pack any long sleeves, and air conditioning can be quite intense!), but if the power goes out it will be another story.

Today we spent the whole day in the Maryland Science Center in Baltimore, which won high ratings from Peter and Joseph.  Peter, who would otherwise be happy sitting on the couch all day with a lap top or his DS, walked around that museum for four hours totally engaged in his surroundings.  It makes me ponder, yet again, what it means for someone to be “on the autism spectrum.”  Sometimes I think it’s just more of a mismatch between person and environment.  If you get the person in the right moment in the right place in the right mood, suddenly everything smoothes out and a clarity emerges that isn’t there at other times. 

However, now we are back at Peggy’s house, and Peter wants this lap top.  So that is that.


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