The Trip Back East- July 18

After a brief ramble through the pulsating heart of materialism in Times Square and Rockefeller Center, we ambled into the Museum of Modern Art.  There, the perfect conditions were apparently achieved (whatever those were, no doubt involving the humidity, time elapsed since last meal, soreness of feet) for a Langley family meltdown.  We could have been an installation art work if only there had been a little white square on the wall which said:  Family Creating a Scene in Front of Monet’s Waterlillies.  Duration, 10 minutes.  Materials:  two boys fighting over who gets to hold the camera, two parents attempting to separate them and remove camera.  I’m sure we would have been at least as great a work of art as the rusty snow shovel hanging from the ceiling and certainly better than the “36 inch by 36 inch square of sheet rock removed to reveal wall boards.”  The kids recovered, however, shared the camera, and thoroughly enjoyed the odd and unusual art.

We were back at Menno House by 3 pm too hot and tired to do anything more.  It’s strange being at Menno House again.  The residents smile politely at us in the halls, just as we used to smile politely at guests when we lived here.  Of course no one knows us.  It wouldn’t even help if they knew we used to live here.  It’s their place now.  It’s their moment.  We’re just a couple of middle aged folks blocking the hallway.  Once again Space and Time have diverged in their separate streams, never to meet again.


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